Santi Lisnawati (santilisnawati@gmail.com )

Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Ibn Khaldun Bogor, Bogor


Family has the important role as the first school for children. Internalization of values in family education is objected to guide individual behavior. In Islamic education, family have the large responsibilities to educate their children. The purpose of this study is to describe the pattern of family education based on Islamic perspective. The focuses of this study are; 1) the role of parents in family based on Islamic perspective, and 2) what are the factors of good family education in Islamic perspective. The method used in this paper is literary studies or content analysis. This study indicates that; 1) The family has a function and a very important role in educating the next generation. Long before a child is born, the role of parents already provided for education in Islamic families. Educational goals of Islam corroborated with family education. 2) The educational background of parents, their understanding about Islam and parents’ awareness of the importance of education becomes a strong part in directing the educational goals of Islam. Parents who have the high educational bbackground are not always strongly associated with their awareness of Islamic education. In fact, -understanding and awareness of Islamic education will help the parents in directing family education based on Islamic perspective.

Keywords: family education, Islamic education

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