Muzdalifah M Rahman (muzdakudus@gmail.com)

Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri Kudus, Kudus, Indonesia


The purpose of this study was to compare the concept of mental health between Islamic Perspective and contemporary perspective. Qualitative was used of this study. In collecting the data, the authors used a literature study (library research), with reference to articles, books, internet, and news relevant media. This study found that the concept of Islamic mental health is important. Because Islamic mental health perspective makes us aware of their obligation to maintain mental health. Islamic mental health is avoiding from all symptoms, complaints and mental disorders, is able to adapt to their social environment, develop self- potential grounded in faith and devotion to God. Mental health perspective of Islam emphasize the power of faith. Meanwhile, the acquisition means a mental health perspective with the method pious Muslim, Islamic and Ihsaniah. To developes of good mental health is families, schools, communities and government the responsibility. Maintaining mental health can be started from the family. Application of Islamic values in families with ketelaadanan parents will be able to form the children have a healthy mental. In schools, the curriculum with character formation and teachers as well as education personnel are able to be an example for students to behave. In the community, by maintaining and uphold social norms of society, the society members will be spared from mental disorders. In the global era filled with this competition, the utilization of mental health sciences as part of a much needed community psychology. With the growing dynamic of human life, the science of mental health, especially mental health needs to be developed with an Islamic perspective various studies and research, especially the development of mental health recovery means Islamic perspective.

Keyword: Mental health of Perspective Contemporary Psychology, Mental Health of Islamic perspective

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